What Clients Say About The Captain

Dinner Parties, Small gatherings of eight to fifteen persons.  You might think of this as an evening with an airline pilot - stories infused with magic. 

Performance 1 Hour and 30 minutes

Close Up Experience

"Captain Magic!

You are awesome- we ALL thoroughly enjoyed you and your show.  You are a fabulous entertainer and have left us all in a state of wonderment!

THANK YOU for sharing your passion and time with us."

Christy and Phil White

Walk Around

Highly Interactive and visual magic that happens right under your nose or even sometimes, in your hands.  Because of the nature of these effects, a maximum of four to six persons is ideal 

Performance 1 Hour and 20 minutes

  • Walk Around
  • Table to Table
  •  Magic Station

“I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by belief.”
                                             ― Gerry Spence,.


For larger events, Weddings and Corporate Functions, magic can be presented in a variety of styles. A magician can work from a stationary table where people come and go, they can mingle through the crowd entertaining small groups or move table to table while guests are seated.

23 Sept 2017

Benefit Gala 

Color Stress Test

15 May 2014

Rooftop Show

Ho Chi Minh City


25 Sept 1997

My son Matthew

Wows! his Third

Grade Class

Parlor Show

Tales of Captain Magic

Pure Entertainment.  The combination of storytelling and close-up magic left us in awe.  We can’t wait to book another show!  Weeks later we can’t stop talking about the evening!  The intimate setting of being at the table with the performer, as opposed to viewing a stage from a seat in a theater, creates a unique experience that transforms what you expect to be simple tricks into pure magic.  Start to finish, every bit of this act has you both encapsulated in a story while questioning your own eyes. 

David Napier 
Mayor, West St Paul

Captain Magic

   Honest deceptions