Tom was the hit of our Holiday get-together!  It's not just a show, but a performance, and its' up close!  We expected to see "tricks" but instead I think we witnessed "magic"!  It was so fun to recapture childhood feelings of magic and euphoria when anything was truly possible.

Thanks Tom! 

Mark and Michelle Jensen​

Our group of 12 had the most magical and memorable night with Tom! His performance went beyond a simple magic show and truly left an impression. Tom is a beautiful storyteller, and every detail was perfectly curated. Tom was engaging and captivating from the moment he started. It was such a pleasure to speak with him afterwards as well - He said something along the lines of “never lose your child-like wonder” and it completely touched me. He pushed our minds beyond reality and tapped into our imaginations, really showing us what is possible. I would highly recommend Tom for any adult gathering or party. Thank you for an impactful evening! - Yana

 Enjoyed Magic Tom’s performance as part of a dinner and show evening orchestrated by a friend. Magic Tom’s show goes beyond mere entertainment. He blends his unique life experiences with his magic to give a well rounded performance with a beautiful message. The magic will blow your mind! Highly recommend! 

Our group gets together on many occasions and it's becoming more and more difficult to find fun and unique things to do that we haven't already done. The evening with Tom exceeded expectations. It was a lot of fun!!  Everyone enjoyed themselves and I couldn't recommend him enough. 

Josh Bestie

To be honest, we didn't know what to expect. We got connected to Tom after winning a bid at a silent auction for a magic show. After the show, we were completely BLOWN AWAY!!! We hosted a dinner party for about 15 friends for Tom's Parlour Magic Show and I can honestly say it was the most entertaining show I have ever seen. After the show we each spent hours talking about it and trying to figure out how on earth he did what he did. It was such a great evening for our group of friends and will definitely not be the last time we invite Tom to perform for us! We cannot recommend the experience enough! 

-Evan & Kristal

We had a wonderful time with the magic show. It was something different to do with our friends besides dinner or a movie! The show was great - everyone was wowed!  Several of our friends texted me on their way home to say that they had so much fun. Tom does a fantastic job at creating a very special and unique experience. Check it out!
Adrienne and Patrick


​​​"The night after the show, my friends and I kept texting about favorite parts. We stopped wondering HOW he did it, and just raved about how it was incredible! A week later, I am still talking about it with friends over lunch that were not even there.

Tom produces a magical experience that has a narrative that blends storytelling and emotion. It will make you laugh and also reflect with a tear in your eye. I've always wanted to treat my family and friends to a trip that would be memorable. This was the best way to do it from the comfort of home." - Kim Bauer 

 Some of the audience also wrote in the studio guest book:

 "Preflight, take off, and landing - all such FUN. Awesome party. Great magic from the Captain and with great friends. - Kim K

 "Lots of laughs, Captain Magic was AWESOME." - Cheryl M

 "Captain Magic was SO amazing. Couldn't have wished for or even imaged something like this." - Val B

Kim Bauer 

Vice President - Rockstoria Studios


​​​​​What a magical and fun night Captain Tom provided us!  As we become adults, we often forget the simple things in life and how magical it can be.  When we become parents, we are so busy creating memories and magical moments for our kids, we stop looking for the magic for ourselves.  Captain Tom reminded all of us that there can still be magic for adults.  His show left us all in awe and wondering how he did it, even though we were sitting just feet away from him.  Captain Tom's deception and slight of hand is so real, it'll make you believe in magic again!


Captain Tom did a fantastic job entertaining our family and friends.   They are still talking about some of the tricks.  This kind of entertainment is totally refreshing.  We found it to be a unique way to entertain guests and create memories that last forever.  

Sharon Cody

Captain Magic put on a masterful show of deception for our birthday / family reunion.  There were eight of us and the captain, who is very personable, managed to include every single one of us in at least one of his effects.  We all agreed that this reunion will go down as one of our most memorable thanks to Captain Magic's show. ​


Latin America Marketing,  CHS Inc. 

​​Captain Magic was the perfect solution for a little entertainment during a corporate Retreat I managed. 

Not only did Tom work with me to make sure the setting and time were well suited, but his performance was nicely organized to work with the flow of the Retreat. Couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. He fit in with the group, had teaser bits of magic both before and after the show. 

Can’t wait to do it again....

HH Irvine
High Tech Sales

Tom came to entertain at a birthday party in our home where attendees' ages ranged from 10 to 70.  The show was engaging and entertaining.  Everyone was wow'd - even the teenagers!!  He's conversational and interactive throughout the show, making it fun for social gathering. I'd highly recommend it for birthday parties or other gatherings!

Allison Barman

What Clients Say About The Captain

“I really enjoyed your Illusory talents last weekend and the audience interaction. It was a real pleasure to be able to see such an up close and personal act.  I really appreciate the work time and dedication that goes into your art!  Thank you"

Michael Anderson
Northwest Flight Operations

25 Sept 1997

My son Matthew

Wows! his Third

Grade Class

"Captain Magic!

You are awesome- we ALL thoroughly enjoyed you and your show.  You are a fabulous entertainer and have left us all in a state of wonderment!

THANK YOU for sharing your passion and time with us."

Christy and Phil White

Magic Show? Up Close magic?  The first thoughts that come to mind are nothing like the actual experience!  With all of us seated very near the action and everyone concentrating on the activity, none of us came away from the evening thinking we knew how the magic had been done.  We were all entertained from start to finish by the conversational narrative along the way and the complexity and variety of magic tricks.  It was a great way of spending the evening with our group of friends and colleagues. Highly recommended! I thought Tom had a great variety of tricks and good pace to his presentation.  The conversation along the way seemed appropriate for the tricks and for our entertainment.  90 minutes originally seemed like a lot of time, but everyone was so entertained, it seemed like it flew by and was just the right amount of time.  It was perfect to do before our meal, so everyone could chat about it afterwards.  We really enjoyed the show!  


Tom is a true magician, my party goers and I were absolutely stunned by his tricks! It was hard for me to know what to expect with an adult only, close up magic show but I have to say, Tom truly exceeded any expectations I might have had.  I did fully expect to be able to figure out some of the tricks, but the experience truly was magic right in front of our very eyes. I loved the pilot storyline and the origin story of the magic. Everything was well-thought out and truly amazing from start to finish. If you’ve not experienced close up magic, be sure to check out Tom’s act. You will not be disappointed!  

Allycia Auxier

14 Aug 2016

Magic Live

Las Vegas NV

What?! No! How?! Three words that seemed to be on repeat from our tiny audience the night we got to see Tom perform.  A dozen of us huddled around a small card table while Tom coaxed us from a casual conversation about card tricks into a full-blown entertainment experience.  He draws from his own personal history of being a pilot with a passion for magic into various storylines that pair perfectly with the act his hands are doing in front of you.  I’ve tried to describe the show and have come to the conclusion that there is simply no way of giving it justice with words.  It’s a must-see performance created by a true magician. 

Dave Napier

MSP Plumbing, Heating & Air 

Captain Magic

   Honest deceptions

Captain Magic's performance is the antithesis to corny magic shows and cheap parlor tricks you may have witnessed in the past!

Tom has a well thought out and highly polished routine that will shock your perceptions of what is happening in front of your eyes.  He will entertain even the most critical of guests at your party!  His show will go beyond your expectations and will leave you with tangible memories that will be talked about for years to come. 

Nick Bultman

“We had one of our most fun work night out (with spouse) events in 20 years!  The show was exciting and engaging!  Our group was impressed with the entertainment value and we still talk about the show at team meetings!  Highly recommended for an awesome team or family experience!” 

Thanks again Buddy!!!

Tom Stremski
State Farm Insurance

15 May 2014

Rooftop Show

Ho Chi Minh City


My wife and I so enjoyed our evening of magic with Tom Dodge. Tom tells his life story while surprising us with a ‘menu’ of eye defying magic. It’s one thing seeing ‘sleight of hand’ magic from a distance, but being up close, very close, and not being able to see how the magic happened is really fun and exciting. The final ‘sleight of hand’ magic was hard to believe could happen, but it did.

Judy and Ed Kishel,
North Oaks, Minnesota

"When I won a "magic show" through a silent auction fundraiser, I didn't know exactly what I was in for yet figured it'd be a unique experience (for better or for worse)!  It was BEYOND anything I could have imagined and would encourage everyone to experience this show!  It was INCREDIBLE!  I invited my family and in-laws and they continue to talk about the show.  Tom provided a professional and highly entertaining show with so many moments of disbelief, many of which we still talk about today.  Tom made the impossible happen right before our eyes in ways that made us all laugh, stare in disbelief, and whisper "no way!" Tom's passion for magic is apparent and was a joy to experience first-hand.  Plus, we were able to enjoy this show from the comfort of our living room!  Highly recommend!!"

Kara Wollmering

"Tom graciously donated one of his performances to the People Serving People silent auction and I bid on the event not knowing fully what to expect. I invited a larger group of female friends for a Galentine's day brunch and shared that there would be up-close magic as a part of the event. Everyone was excited about it, and we had a lovely time. As adults, our options for experiences are often narrowed to food and drink with occasional large stage performances. This was a truly unique experience that I would do again. Tom tells stories from his time as an airline pilot while performing illusions and magic. He creatively worked in opportunities for laughter and wonder throughout which kept everyone engaged and entertained. I do not have a large home, but he worked with the space that was available to put on a truly enjoyable performance. As a group, the women in attendance are in high-stress, professional careers that require a lot of structured thinking and data analysis. It was a welcome change to re-engage with wonder and magic for an afternoon. If you are looking for something to add a unique and enjoyable dimension to your next adult gathering, give Tom a call.

Rebecca Tryon

“You are an Amazing Magician!  I was very impressed with the level of your effects, your great stories and the manual dexterity your magic requires.  I absolutely loved the ring trick as well as the moving of coins under the cards.  You have me dumbfounded. 

What a fun evening!"

Tom Longbehn