Parlor Show   -  Tales of Captain Magic

World class magic. The strongest effects you are likely to see anywhere.  Completely original and engaging presentations.  Some of the guests will leave with what I call magical artifacts (Items left in their altered state). If there is a birthday or anniversary in the house, the show can be customized to highlight the occasion.            

20 person Maximum                                                                                                                                                                                        

Close Up Experience

The most intimate setting to experience magic.  A demonstration of effects that are enhanced through proximity.  In this scenario there is no distance between the stage and the audience.  It all happens right under your nose, Some of the magic even takes place in the spectators hand  The result often takes the form of wide eyed gasps and feelings of total astonishment. 

6 person maximum                                                                                      



NOTE:  I'm not a children's magician. If you're looking for someone to do your kid's birthday party, I'm not your guy but would be happy to provide a recommendation.  While I don't believe there is anything offensive in either show, my material is designed for adults and is unlikely to hold much interest for a preteen audience. 


Captain Magic

   Honest deceptions

"Everything you can Imagine is real"

                              - Pablo Picasso -